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Our Story

Every artist has one masterpiece that shakes the world, being a sensation, owing to all the sweat and blood that dripped of their foreheads and hearts on the way paving this path to success. Mr. Faizal C.P, a renowned perfumer, one among the founders, and the Managing Partner had his story to tell. A story of an eagle that flew from the zeroes to the flights that had its turns of hurdles and obstacles, all worthwhile creating a ‘niche’ of his own in the collage of fragrances. His tale is just the right vibe for the youth today, fuelled and confident to grab what they worked hard for, what they deserve, what the universe conspires to manifest for them! And the Faiz Niche is the epitome of everything that happened and missed in his life. From your souls to homes, to cars, and baby care products, the Faiz Niche brand has flown with true colors.

We Make Beauty

The fragrant perplexity of the natural extracts in this perfume is professed into one another with extreme gentleness and expertise just incredibly layers the scent into a convoluting parfum that soothes the soul and the context. The strong and vivid novelty in its base makes the impression last long enough to get your aims and goals driven with passion and purpose, the perfect amalgamation needed for any tale of mystic victory. Trendy yet classic, this bottle narrates a fairytale with no magic wands or godmothers, but sincere grit and dedication to reach the top of the world, fighting away arrows that darted in the way, all alone!

With forty exclusive fragrances with varying tastes and seasons of impressions, blossoming youthful zest, and an injection of undeniable energy to passionate and ambitious personalities of all ages, genders, and ideologies, the Faiz Niche is breaking all preset grounds of any other scent in the market today. Being the best-selling since its launch in 2019, the production has plummeted to increase by six times owing to the high demand for this fragrance. Well, the adorable and pungent smell that addicts you instantly is nothing but the story of the entrepreneur himself, and that graces the aura, not surprising, right!

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